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Short Stories

Get my short stories in one package, my first ever fiction collection...

EXIT STRATEGY & OTHERS (Fiction Collection)

Exit Strategy & Others (Fiction Collection)For the first time, get all the Wendy Ward stories (four novelettes & one short story, including "Forces of Nature", "Breathless", "Harbinger", "Blood Alone" and the NEW novelette "Flashpoint" featuring Kayla Zanella.)

PLUS 6 more stories, including "Undead Air", "Twilight Crossing", "Debts Long Due", "All Heaven in a Rage", the rare, dark humor story "Red Friday", and the brand NEW, noir horror "Exit Strategy."

Only $2.99!

This fiction collection is available NOW in the Kindle eBook format. More eBook formats to come.

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THE STORIES IN BETWEEN features "Blood Alone"
a Wendy Ward novelette

THE STORIES IN BETWEEN, includes Wendy Ward in Blood AloneJust released, THE STORIES IN BETWEEN celebrates the 30th anniversary of the independent genre bookstore Between Books (Claymont, DE), where I've held all my book launch events since my debut novel, WITHER. Since Wendy Ward really began in the aisles of Between Books, where I met my WITHER co-author, I thought my contribution to the anniversary anthology should be a Wendy Ward story. And I wanted to make it a special story. Not only is "Blood Alone" the longest Wendy Ward novelette to date (approx 17,000 words), it also marks a game-changing moment in Wendy's life. You can order a signed copy through my author store or grab a copy online from THE STORIES IN BETWEEN is a beautiful, illustrated anthology, featuring stories from Jonahan Carroll, Greg Frost, Jonathan Maberry, Maria V. Snyder, and many others. A specially commissioned illustration accompanies each story, including a cool work of art from Don Bethman for "Blood Alone" depicting astral Wendy, Kayla and Abby in her wolf form.

Historian's Note: "Blood Alone" follows the events of "Harbinger."


"The stellar lineup of authors includes Bram Stoker Award winners John Passarella and Jonathan Maberry, popular fantasists Maria Snyder and Patrick Thomas, and best-selling novelist Jonathan Carroll.... [M]ost of the tales are entertaining enough to be fitting tributes to one of the East Coast’s most beloved independent bookstores. —Carl Hays, Booklist


Harbinger: A Wendy Ward Story

Harbinger: A Wendy Ward StoryWhen Wendy Ward meets a mysterious old woman who could be the mentor she never had, the young Wiccan sees an opportunity to end Wither's curse and finally have the chance to learn her magical craft without fearing for her life every step of the way. But the old woman has her own agenda. And Wendy will face an unimagined threat before the day is over.

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Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad features Twilight CrossingBad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad WINS Eppie AwardBad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad WINS Eppie Award!

Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad (in which my story "Twilight Crossing" appears) won the Eppie Awards Fiction Anthology Category! View the Winners & Finalists here. Winners were announced during EPICon 2009, March 5-8, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV.

Debuted May at Balticon 2008, BAD-ASS FAERIES 2: JUST PLAIN BAD and features my brand story"TWILIGHT CROSSING"

"Twilight Crossing" features a bouncer faerie, three hired assassin faeries, and quite a few surprises. "Twilight Crossing" is primarily a fantasy story with a hint of horror. It was a lot of fun to write from the perspective of a character who isn't quite what he seems and manages to surprise himself again and again. I kept discovering deeper layers to the narrative.

Order NEW Mundania Press edition (picutred above) from

Order signed copy of Marietta edition from the Passarella Bookstore

Praise for Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad

"Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad fulfilled its promise…This is another one I could hardly put down! This is a must read for all you Faerie lovers out there!" [5 ANGELS]
— CJ, Fallen Angel Reviews (Read full review...)

"Overall, Just Plain Bad is a wonderful collection well worth your time as you lounge poolside or bake at the beach this summer. I highly recommend this anthology to you. Until next time, enjoy!" [About "Twilight Crossing," my story, they said:] "Plots and counterplots of the fae courts are revealed... A nice adventure unfolds from there with surprises all along the way."
The Fix (Read full review...)


All Heaven In A Rage / Debts Long Due Flip Chapbook*

All Heaven In A Rage / Debts Long Due - Flip Chapbook $4.00Two of my stories ("All Heaven in a Rage" & "Debts Long Due") are now available in a newly illustrated flip chapbook from Scrybe Press. Read one story, then flip the book around and read the other. Inside, you'll find a new author introduction explaining the origin of each story.

Eric Asaris illustrated the chapbook covers and three interior illustrations.

If you missed either of these stories in their original small press/short print run lives, you're in for a real treat. AHIAR (novelette length at 10,000 words) tells a tale of science gone horribly wrong, while "Debts Long Due" (4,000 words) is a chilling ghost-in-the-graveyard cautionary tale.

Praise for "All Heaven in a Rage"

"'All Heaven in a Rage' by John Passarella... packs science-gone-wrong, interoffice politics, romance, redemption and a wonderful ending into just a few pages."
— Inscriptions Magazine

The chapbook is available at, and I have signed copies here. You can also order a copy from KayLeighBug Books. List price is $4.00.

*Chapbooks are booklets, made from 8 1/2 X 11 pages, stapled down the middle and folded in half, so they are 4 1/4 wide x 8 1/2 tall. Covers are usually heavier and/or glossy paper stock. Poetry is often published in chapbook format, along with short stories and, sometimes, novellas.



Wendy Ward: " Breathless" — PDF eNovelette - $0.99

Wendy Ward in BREATHLESS, eBook NoveletteFirst time available anywhere! The second Wendy Ward novelette is now available as a PDF eBook download for only $0.99. Contains an introduction by the author. Two download versions are available, a 272KB version for dial-up users and a 5.58MB high resolution version for broadband users.

This PDF eBook freatures a wonderful cover illustration by Eric Asaris. To order the eBook , visit the Passarella Store.


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Wendy Ward eBook Novelette - BREATHLESS - Now Available


Wendy Ward: "Forces of Nature" PDF eNovelette - $0.99

Wend Ward in FORCES OF NATURE, PDF eBook DownloadThe first Wendy Ward novelette is available as a PDF eNovelette download for only $0.99 . Contains a new introduction by the author and a sneak preview of the SECOND Wendy Ward novelette, "Breathless." Two download versions available: 282KB version for dial-up users and a 5.06MB high resolution version for broadband users.

Features a wonderful cover illustration by Eric Asaris. Order with the links below or on the Passarella Bookstore Page.

BUY THE LOW-RES eBOOK - $0.99 (282KB PDF for Dial-Up Users)
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Wendy Ward in Forces of Nature (eBook Novelette)



"Undead Air" in Modern Magic

Preston and Steve in Undead Air in the MODERN MAGIC anthologyModern Magic: Featuring "Undead Air""Undead Air", my fictional zombie story, features actual morning show DJs Preston and Steve (93.3 WMMR, Philadelphia PA) and is based upon the David Seidman painting Zombie Riot. "Undead Air" appears in Fantasist Enterprises's Modern Magic: Tales of Fantasy and Horror anthology. Modern Magic features an Introduction by Kelley Armstrong, author of Bitten, Stolen, and Dime Store Magic.

Read an excerpt of "Undead Air."

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John Passarella, Author of Undead Air, as featured on the Preston & Steve Show on WMMR 93.3FM in Philadelphia
(Order Modern Magic from

Order a copy direct from & signed by John Passarella via PAYPAL for
(Free Shipping!) -or-
Send a check or money order for $17.00 payable to
John Passarella at P.O. Box 381, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Zombie Riot - by David Seidman, Autographed by the artist, and by Preston and Steve, Zombie SlayersZombie Riot by David Seidman is the basis of my story "Undead Air" — featuring real morning show DJs Preston & Steve (93.3 WMMR, Philadelphia PA) — in Modern Magic. This print was personalized to me by the artist and by Preston Elliot & Steve Morrison, Zombie Slayers.


Praise for Modern Magic

“Overall, MODERN MAGIC ranks as one of the best and most unusual anthologies I’ve read recently.... Guffaw out loud as two radio DJs use their monster-movie know-how against zombies in “Undead Air,” a tale as perfectly calibrated and deadpan as a textual comic book.” (excerpt)
Tangent Online review

“MODERN MAGIC is a wonderful anthology of bright, inventive fiction, complimented by great art work that would do any art show proud. Stephen King tells us that writing is telepathy, and I was there in the magical realms with the authors—from Sarah A. Hoyt's magical prelude, “Stock Management” to the gonzo zombie attitude of [John] Passarella's “Undead Air.” Mary Rosenblum (“The Woman Who Walked with Dogs”) does not have to tell me twice to be in my house by dark.”
Nancy Holder, Co-editor (with Nancy Kilpatrick), OUTSIDERS, and author of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: QUEEN OF THE SLAYERS