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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last update: 09-Feb-2009

Q: Can you explain the copyright in WITHER and WITHER'S RAIN?

A: The copyright for WITHER'S RAIN should read "Copyright © 2003 by John Passarella." The copyright for WITHER remains "Copyright © 1999 by Joe Gangemi and John Passarella." WITHER was co-authored (by Joe Gangemi and John Passarella) under the the single pen name J.G. Passarella. WITHER was written by John Passarella alone and the copyright should reflect that. Therefore, the copyright in WITHER'S RAIN is incorrect. Passarella comments, "Hey, that might make the first edition of WITHER'S RAIN a collector's item! Buy a bunch of copies. Just in case.<wink>"

Q: What's the status of the feature film version of WITHER?

A: Manifest Films (a Hollywood production company) bought the film rights to Wither in November 1997 via Columbia Pictures. Manifest hired a screenwriter, who has submitted several scripts. Unfortunately, the studio did not like any of those scripts enough to greenlight (i.e., finance the production of) the film. For now, the movie version of Wither is stuck at the script stage.

Q: Will the film rights to Wither ever revert to you (and your co-author)?

A: No. Columbia bought (permanent) film rights to the book; they did not purchase an option on the film rights. Options renew after a period of time, usually on an annual basis, for a period of years. Eventually, an option might revert ownership to the author(s). Colubmia bought Wither outright. Unless they sell the rights to another production company or studio, they retain the film rights forever, for all intents and purposes.

Q: Is Wither part of a book series?

A: While Wither was not originally intended as a series novel, I have since taken Wendy Ward, my main character from Wither and turned her into a series character. Wither's Rain is a stand-alone sequel to Wither. Unlike Wither, Wither's Rain is not co-authored. Same goes for Wither's Legacy.


Q: When can I read Wither's Legacy?

A: Wither's Legacy officially goes on sale October 1, 2004.

Q: Do I have to read Wither to enjoy (and understand) Wither's Rain?

A: Strictly speaking, no. If you start with Wither's Rain, the events from Wither work as backstory. In other words, you'll find out what you need to know in Wither's Rain. Obviously, I hope you will have a more rewarding experience by reading the books in order. While I intend Wither's Rain and future volumes in the series to stand on their own merits, my characters evolve (i.e., grow older, move away, die, etc.) Just be warned that by reading books out of order, you will encounter spoilers concerning earlier entries in the series.

The same structuring applies to Wither's Legacy. I try to provide enough backstory in Wither's Legacy so that the reader doesn't need to read (or reread, if it's been a while) the prior books to follow the current storyline.

Q: Have you met the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?

A: Unfortunately, no. I'm just a big fan of the shows.

Q: Will you ever write a novel that isn't part of the Wendy Ward series or based upon TV shows?

A: In October 2005, look for Kindred Spirit, a stand-alone supernatural thriller. Also, I'm working on the first book of a new series that will begin as a "loose" trilogy, that is, three books with a broad story arc connecting them but which otherwise will work as stand-alone volumes.