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Articles & Interviews

Supernatural Magazine No. 28SEPT/OCT 2011: Check out Supernatural magazine #28, featuring an interview with John Passarella about writing Night Terror, and an excerpt from the book.

SEPT 16, 2011: Read my latest interview, this one with Cavan Scott for IAMTW (International Association of Media Tie-in Authors) Tied-in to Terror - John Passarella on Supernatural: Night Terror

SEPT 4, 2011: Interview with Affairs Magazine about Supernatural: Night Terror.

SEPT 2011: Interview about Supernatural: Night Terror at The Coming Evil blog.

FEB 2010: I was interviewed by

MAY 2005: My first Italian language interview (regarding the Italian language release of Wither) at SplatterContainer eZine. (Scroll down for the English version of the interview.)

JUNE 2004: Monolith Review and Interview at

JAN 10, 2003: GhostBreakers Interview (short one) talking about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer and my own Wendy Ward fit into the ghostbreaker mold.

At The Sci-Fi Files (580AM, WDBO, Orlando Florida):

An audio interview at:
( Look under the clips link... hmm, may not be archived anymore; new interface)

At (Windowatch ceased operations in 2006)

- A New Perspective on September 11, 2001
- At the Brink of Madness interview (DEC 1999 ABM)

At City of Angel: Computers, Demons and ANGEL (interview)

Formerly at The Watcher's Web: WRITING BUFFY BOOKS (And Other Adventures of Media Tie-In Land) [link updated July 2,2003]

(Note: The Watcher's Web called BtVS: Ghoul Trouble "an enjoyable, entertaining read for fans of the show" and gives Ghoul Trouble an 8 out of 10 rating. Angel: Avatar improved on that mark, getting an 8.5 out of 10!)


TV Appearance

Viewers in the Philadelphia, PA area saw my first television interview on WB17 10 O'clock News on May 22, 2001 following the (stunning) season finales of Buffy and Angel.