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Photo & Book Cover Gallery

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ghoul Trouble (French Edition)

Buffy: Ghoul Trouble (French Edition)

Angel: Avatar (French Edition)

Angel: Avatar (French Edition)

Wither (Italian Reprint Edition)

Wither, Italian Reprint Edition

Collingswood Book Festival 2009

Collingswood Book Festival 2009 Banner

My daughter Emma and me at the Collingswood Book Festival, OCT 10, 2009.

Daughter Emma with Author Father John Passarella

It's always a good feeling seeing your name up in lights. (FEB 2009)

Logan Library - Book Club Meeting/Appearance

Wither's Legacy, Italian Edition - Click to see larger image in new windowHere's the cover of the Italian Edition of WITHER'S LEGACY, which will be published by Gargoyle Books, with a publication date of April 11, 2007. While the Italian WITHER'S RAIN cover (below) was reminiscent of the Italian WITHER cover (also below), I really like this more modern look Gargoyle has given their WITHER'S LEGACY cover. However, the (flaming) pentagram carries over a design element from those earlier covers. Click the image to the left to see a larger image in a new window.


Wither's Rain - Italian Edition by Gargoyle Books, May 2006

Here's the cover of the Italian Edition of WITHER'S RAIN, which will be published by Gargoyle Books in MAY 2006. The top coverline reads:

"Tremate! Le streghe sono tornate... "

which, I'm told, translates to:

"Shiver! The witches are back..."

The subtitle, "L'oscura Congrega 2" means "Dark Coven 2" which takes the place of the English version's "A Wendy Ward Novel."

This will be the first hardbound version of WITHER'S RAIN, so if you've always wanted a hardbound copy of that book and are fluent in Italian, there you go.


Speaking at the HWA-PANJ Meeting on May 28, 2005May 28, 2005 - I was a guest speaker at the HWA-PA/NJ Meeting, held at the Zagoren household (Poconos, PA) in an appropriately horror-themed basement. Note: You can't see the coffin couch in this photo, but it was there, to my right! Along with a dog that required a blood sacrifice before allowing me to begin my talk entitled "Perseverance, Buried Treasure and Sympathy for the Devil."

Photo credit: Kimberley Zagoren.


The bookmark (front and back) promoting the Italian edition of WITHERAPRIL 8, 2005: Received (courtesy of Joe Nassise, HWA prez) a Gargoyle Books poster promoting the Italian horror publisher's releases, including WITHER and also the bookmark specifically for WITHER. Below is the front and back image of the Italian WITHER bookmark.


FEB 2005: Here's the front cover of the Italian language WITHER. This will be a hardbound edition with a pub date of April 2005. The Italian versions of WITHER'S RAIN and WITHER'S LEGACY are supposed to follow in the next two years. I'm told the words in the subtitle, L'Oscura Congrega, translate to "The Dark Coven."

Italian WITHER

OCT 27, 2004: I needed a recent photo for my Italian publisher, Gargoyle Books, and Emma wanted to be in some of the photos. I've included a couple of the "with Emma" photos below.

Emma and Dad, Oct 27, 2004 Anothe pic of Emma with her father, Oct 27, 2004

OCT 24, 2004: Eric Asaris, a fan and a talented employee of Borders Express in Montgomery Mall (North Wales, PA), created this incredible foam board poster for my signing on October 23. Even more amazing when you realize the actual size of this poster is 24" by 36" Simply stunning!

Poster by Eric Asaris for my October 23 signing at Montgomery Mall in North Wales, PA


Jack & WITHER'S LEGACY: This book's gonna be HUGE!

John Passarella - Photo in Gloucester County Times - Photo by Tim Hawk

PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Hawk for the Gloucester County Times

Wither paperback reissueNext is a scan of the Third Edition of WITHER (2nd paperback edition). This reissue has a yellow starburst on the front and a yellow band on the spine, both with black text that reads: Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for First Novel. Also, the price went up to $7.99 US, and $11.99 CAN. Let me know if you see this new WITHER in a bookstore!



Chris Hall, the webmaster of my official fansite over in the UK sent me this Buffy omnibus (four titles in one hardbound book, leading off with my own Ghoul Trouble) edition to sign. Before I sent it back across the Atlantic ocean, I scanned the front and back.

Buffy Omnibus Front Buffy Omnibus Back (front) Buffy Omnibus Front Buffy Omnibus Back (back)


Here are a couple pictures from my FEB 15, 2003 signing at Waldenbooks in Montgomery Mall, North Wales, PA. In the first (sorry it's a little blurry, but you can see the Touring Skull), the talented Waldenbooks employee, Eric A. (left) and I pose on either side of the cool poster he created to promote the event. The second picture is a close-up of the poster itself. The actual posted is a bit brighter than this image and the dimensions are 25" high by 18" wide.

Wither's Rain Signing Poster - Waldenbooks Montgomery Mall Montgomery Mall Signing

Two September 23, 2002 author photos.

Author Photo - September 23, 2002


Author Photo - September 23, 2002 (#2)

WITHER - The Russian EditionThe cover of the Russian edition of Wither (received December 9). Thanks to Edison M. and Sophia D. for providing some translation assistance. The two-word title seems to be AUTUMN'S WITCH and the banner at the top is something along the lines of "The Forces Of Hell Are Getting Free!"





The covers of German editions of my Buffy and Angel novels below. The German edition cover of Buffy: Ghoul Trouble. I think the title "Blanke Knochen" translates to Blank (Bare?) Bones. This cover is new. The German edition cover of Angel: Avatar. I think this title "Im Netz des Grauens" translates to In the Net of Horrors. This is the same cover as the English edition, but with different titles. Same approach was used on the French edition.

Buffy: Ghoul Trouble German edition German Angel: AVATAR


Jack Passarella and Doug CleggDoug Clegg and me at the Waldenbooks, Montgomery Mall (North Wales, PA) "Masters of Horror" book signing on December 1, 2001. (Matthew made the Popsicle stick candy dish/box.) Digital photo courtesy of Kristy Bratton,



A new, official author photo (April 15, 2001); banner format.

author photo (April 15, 2001) - wide format

Lisa Clancy (my Buffy/Angel editor) appears with me at Borders on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.Lisa Clancy (my Buffy/Angel editor for Buffy: Ghoul Trouble & Angel: Avatar) appears with me at Borders on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Lisa was the guest of the Philadelphia Fantastic Society. I also spoke, and read from Buffy: Ghoul Trouble.



Me and WB17's Karen Jordan on April 10, 2001.Next is a photo of reporter/anchor Karen Jordan of WB17 (Philadelphia's WB affiliate station) posing with me (April 10, 2001) in my home after she interviewed me for a segment that will appear after the Buffy/Angel block and probably will be promoted during the shows' commercial breaks. (The interview could air as early as April 17 or it might be held for May sweeps.)

Ms. Jordan looks so good, she makes me look bad!


Another official photo.

Author Photo - APR 2001

Available since March 2000, the paperback edition of Wither, features a redesigned cover, with something old and something new.

Wither-pbtn.jpgFor the paperback, the tombstone image from the hardcover becomes an actual tombstone, front and center. The new design features a New England church in the background, lit by lightning. Flanking the central image of Elizabeth Wither's tombstone are two tombstones in silhouette. Wither's tombstone, however, is eerily aglow.



Wither - Hardbound (First Edition)Next the sales proof hard bound book cover for Wither. It's best viewed on a monitor set at 32,000 or more colors. While the original idea for the hardbound cover was a moss-covered tombstone with a distinct greenish hue (see below), the production cover has a brown tone. The gargoyle head is embossed, while the tombstone lettering is debossed (engraved) on the hardbound cover.



Cover Comp - original concept (note the lack of hair on the woman's head)And below is the "cover comp" cover representation of Wither. Note the color cast was decidedly green (to denote mossy cement, I believe) and the phantom woman's face lacks the flowing hair. (Purists note: I digitally altered the author name since Pocket mistakenly included both authors names, Joe Gangemi & John Passarella on this early cover instead of the combined pseudonym they had requested at contract signing.)



WITHER: THE CAKEAdded 2/18/1999, this is an image - only slightly retouched - of a "WITHER" cake my wife had made for our Wither "publication day" party.