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Comic Books for Sale (Most Early 80s)

Yes, you read it right. Comic Books. It's time to move out some of my old comic books, so you'll find some good prices here. Most are from the early 1980s. I'll add to this with issue details and scans as I have time.

I'm putting a red "X" over the cover images to protect the artists' work. The "X" is not actually on the comic books. If you're looking for something from this time period drop me a line at There is an emphasis on X-Men and X-Men appearances in my collection. Pricing via the Overstreet 2000 Comic Book Price Guide - some more recently priced, with the 2004 Price Guide. I'll list the near mint price (if the comic is near mint) and my asking price, which will usually be 80% of that. All of these comics have been bagged, often boarded in cool storage since original purchase.



I can accept PayPal payments with the email address. Please add $7.00 to the asking price to cover USPS priority shipping, materials, insurance, package tracking, receipt notification, etc. (U.S. only) Please inquire about availability of a particular title before sending payment.

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