Supernatural™ Novels

I've written four original Superantural™ tie-in novels for Titan Books based on the hit TV series, beginning with Supernatural: Night Terror and Supernatural: Rite of Passage, Supernatural: Cold Fire and, most recently, with Joyride.

Supernatural: Joyride

John Passarella
Publication Date: October 30, 2018
An Original Novel Based on the hit TV series Supernatural created by Eric Kripke
Titan Books

A brand new Supernatural novel inspired by the record-breaking show starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

A brand-new Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit TV series!

At the stroke of midnight, everyone awake in a small Missouri town suddenly falls unconscious in the middle of whatever they were doing. When Sam and Dean investigate, the town seems peaceful. But they soon uncover a wave of strange behaviour - streaking, petty vandalism and random violence - and nobody can remember why they did it. With reports of strange shadows and horrible murders, the Winchesters dig deep into the town's secrets and uncover a tragedy fifty years in the making...

Praise for Supernatural: Joyride

“A great adventure... Passarella knows his subject and Sam and Dean’s voices are authentic... Another five star hit from the Winchester trenches.”
—Theresa Derwin (full review)

“John Passarella has delved into the world of Supernatural before and once again showcases his ability  to tap into the heart of the show... he also has a talent for writing eerie stories that chill you to your very core. If this was a stand-alone novel with no attachment to the show, it would be enjoyable,  but the fact that it’s set in a  familiar and much loved environment, makes it all the more sweeter… ”
Chris Andrews , Mass Movement Magazine

“Passarella delivers utter satisfaction!… FIVE STARS! Make sure you have plenty of time before you open these pages. I read the entire book in one afternoon... and I loved every second of it.
Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews



Supernatural: Joyride (Cover)

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Supernatural: Cold Fire

John Passarella
Publication Date: March 29, 2016
An Original Novel Based on the hit TV series Supernatural created by Eric Kripke
Titan Books

Synopsis: A brand-new Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit CW series!

When a gruesome murder takes place in Braden Heights, Indiana, the local authorities suspect the disembowelled and eyeless corpse was the victim of an animal attack. But when another body is discovered, the eyes gouged out, Sam, Dean and Castiel start looking for connections between the two men and discover both were soon to be fathers. As the boys hunt the killer, they unearth stories from the town’s troubled past, and secrets some would prefer stay buried forever.

“FIVE STARS! [E]nded up canceling my plans for the evening so that I could keep reading. . . . John Passarella’s writing style pulls the reader into the Supernatural universe with ease and paints such a graphic picture that the real world simply fades away and time becomes immaterial. This story is horrific, fascinating, outrageous – and I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading it.”
—Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

Supernatural: Rite of Passage

Supernatural: Rite of Passare

Titan Books
Pub Date: AUG 14, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1781161111
ISBN-10: 1781161119
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About Supernatural: Rite of Passage

After Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious supernatural force as young children, their father taught them to how to hunt and destroy the paranormal evil that exists in the dark corners of America. Following their father's demonic death, they discovered that they are descended from a long line of hunters and chose to continue their mission.

Laurel Hill, New Jersey, is a beginning to look like one of the unluckiest places on Earth when an escalating series of accidents and outbreaks hit the town. But Sam and Dean suspect it's more than just bad luck. Along with Bobby Singer, the brothers soon realize that a mysterious figure is at the center of the chaos. When they uncover a connection between the stranger and three teenage boys at the local high school who are experiencing some unusual growing pains, they know they will need far more than good luck to prevent an all-out disaster.

A brand-new Supernatural novel, set during season 7, that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit CW series!

Praise for Supernatural: Rite of Passage

First, here's a Tweet from Clarissa, Managing editor for

Supernatural: Rite of Passage by John Passarella is a must-have for any Supernatural fan. With its twists, turns, monstrosities and everything Supernatural, which makes the show, you’ll be able to curb your cravings in between seasons easily by reading this book.”
Killer Aphrodite

“[Supernatural: Rite of Passage is] an excellent example of a Supernatural tale. Taken on its own, this could even be seen as the basis for a big-budget film treatment. The characterizations are right on point, the mythology is well-maintained, and all of the various elements come together in the end. On that basis, the book is recommended for “Supernatural” fans” Our Grade: A-
—John Keegan, Voice of Geeks Network (Read full review.)

“FIVE STARS! You do not have to be a fan of the [CW television] series in order to fully enjoy this adventure.... Author John Passarella is well known for writing some dark, twisted, and creepy stories. I have often wondered about this author’s mental stability. That possible imbalance is probably what gives each of his stories their surreal aura. Whatever talent, dark imagination, or paranormal ability this author has, he definitely used it in spades for writing [Supernatural: Rite of Passage]. I ended up reading the entire book in a single sitting. (Thank heavens I was on vacation and did not mind losing so much sleep!) UNFORGETTABLE!”
Huntress Reviews (Read full review here.)

“The tension in [Supernatural: Rite of Passage] is palpable. I found it difficult to put down even though I was quite disturbed by some of the imagery.... There are some extremely violent scenes in the book and they’re well-written.... Sam and Dean Winchester, so well-known and loved by fans, won’t disappoint in this novel. The brotherly banter is in full swing in spite of the extra burden Sam carries.... Lucifer is in heavy rotation on Sam’s playlist.... Passarella captures the burden Sam is dealing with throughout the novel until it finally becomes a very real threat. While Dean snaps his one-liners the decay of his will to hunt is beginning to show.”
DNM Magazine (Read review & interview here.)

“When my editor first contacted me about reading [Supernatural: Rite of Passage], I was a little nervous. Could a book really compete with a weekly TV show (and the smoldering good looks of the cast)? Would the characters and world they inhabit feel the same? I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossed I was with the story. Sam, Dean and Bobby were the same trio I welcome on my screen every week and the story itself was layered and engrossing, just like a weekly episode. Rite of Passage exceeded my expectation so much that I am definitely checking out Mr. Passarella’s other Supernatural tie-in novel Night Terror.
—Jenners, No White Noise (Read semi-review & interview here.)

“Passarella does a great job of capturing the “voice” of all of the characters—characters that were created by other writers, years ago. It’s a fine line to walk to pay respects to the catchphrases and brotherly banter without beating you over the head with it, as can be an easy go-to for a story that needs to fill this many pages.... Additionally, one of the biggest strengths of this book are the details Passarella throws in (not all are relevant to the plot, but that’s okay; we like it when we get character exploration). He references parts of the Supernatural canon only diehard fans will pick up, and considering he created this storyline to live in the middle of season seven, he even hints at some things still to come down the line that actually do get paid off on-screen....This is the first Supernatural novel LA TV Insider Examiner has ever been sent for review, and we have to admit, Passarella set a high bar for any future ones we check out—and thanks to his clever creation, we certainly want to check out more!”
LA TV Examiner (Read full review here.)

“What immediately stood out to me about the novel was the larger scale of destruction by the creature in the story, something that surely could never be afforded by the makers of the show. The death count in the story was likely higher than all the episodes of one season combined.... [T]he author conveyed a good feel of the characters mannerisms and ways of speaking. I could picture and hear what was going on as I read as if I was watching an episode of the show... The story itself is quite tragic, and I found myself wishing that some things were different in the end. For example, there’s the sense of a foreboding destiny for some of the characters in the story, and I was hoping for a little more redemption in the end.... Fans of the show... will probably enjoy Rite of Passage. It’s a fast-paced adventure story as much as it is a monster story, and it has the distinct feel of an episode of Supernatural.
Fiction Addict (Read full review here.)

“If you miss having Bobby around and also like his interactions with other, older hunters, this is the tie-in novel for you... Something else the novel brings forward about the hunting life is that a hunter's job is never done. The novel begins with Sam and Dean hunting harpies before moving into them picking up reports about the deaths in Laurel Hill. Touches like those make this a good tie-in novel for the series.... Overall, it's an entertaining read and worth checking out if you're a Supernatural fan... It draws you in, from the bloody deaths to Sam and Dean's investigation to the original characters for the novel, and it's hard to put down.”
—Meredith Jacobs, (Read full review here.)

“[Supernatural: Rite of Passage] totally exceeded my expectations... a load of points for interesting side-characters. Many seem semi-unrelated at first, but quickly catch your attention even with the small snippets of story that they’ve been given...The lore in the story is also pretty awesome... and Lucifer shows up in Sammy’s head a few times, giving light to something even the show didn’t seem to want to cover all that much... Though the thing I liked the most about the book is the few scattered references to things that assure you the author actually likes the series as much (or, almost as much, in some cases) as the readers... and there’s some foreshadowing of later episodes that adds an extra layer to one or two of the scenes... better than most tv-show novels.
—Amelia Merritt, Honest Reviews Corner (Full review here.)

“[F]ast-paced... Tora with his demonic pleasure in what he has wrought while having a diabolical outcome in mind brings a fresh evil to John Passarella’s strong thriller.”
—Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews (Full review here.)

“Overall, [Supernatural: Rite of Passage] was a fast read that became more engrossing as it went on. Stakes ratcheted, descriptions were strong, and there was no lack of violence.... I was surprised how much I wanted to keep reading once I got into it.... absorbing.... [G]ive this one a shot, particularly if you're a fan of the monster-of-the-week story format.”
Fresh From The... (Ffull review here.)

Supernatural: Night Terror

Supernatural: Night Terror

Titan Books
Pub Date: SEPT 13, 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0857681010
ISBN-10: 085768101X
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About Supernatural: Night Terror

Twenty-nine years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America... and he taught them how to kill it.

Alerted to strange happenings in Clayton Falls, Colorado, Bobby sends the boys to check it out. A speeding car with no driver, a homeless man pursued by a massive Gila monster, a little boy chased by uprooted trees—it all sounds like the stuff of nightmares. The brothers fight to survive a series of terrifying nighttimes, realizing that sometimes the nightmares don't go away—even when you're awake...

A brand-new Supernatural novel set amidst the turmoil of season 6, that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit CW series!


Supernatural: Night Terror Interviews

SEPT 16, 2011: Read my latest interview, this one with Cavan Scott for IAMTW (International Association of Media Tie-in Authors) Tied-in to Terror - John Passarella on Supernatural: Night Terror

Read an Supernatural-related interview with John Passarella at The Coming Evil blog. Read interview.

Read the Affairs Magazine review of Supernatural: Night Terror and an interview with John Passarella about the book.


Praise for Supernatural: Night Terror

[Night Terror] is terrifying, thrilling and terrific! A treat for all horror fans.... riveting, detailed storytelling.... Passarella also manages to weave in character exploration, which reveals how deeply familiar he has made himself with the world of Supernatural. Ultimately, this is a story which I'm surprised the Supernatural writers themselves haven't thought up yet. For anyone who likes the darker, more gory standalone episodes of Supernatural like 'Bloody Mary,' 'Everybody Loves a Clown' and 'My Bloody Valentine,' this book is for you!
—Selina Wilken, Hypable (Read the full review.)

For me, what works about [NIGHT TERROR] is the fact that it's [as] close… as you're going to get to that perfect scenario we fans look for on the show. It's basically just the boys, the Impala and some monsters to fight.... [F]or those who want to read a good old fashioned monster story featuring your favorite hunters, I highly recommend this book. It's got everything in it that a Supernatural fan could want.
— Michelle Carlbert, Daemon's TV (Read the full review.)

Night Terror is a solid horror read that will have you holding your breath.... all the wit, old rock references and angst that the television series has. What makes this a good read is that you don't need to see the series. As you go from hysterical laughter to bone-chilling moments there is a sense of satisfaction from reading a good old-fashioned thriller.... Passarella's Supernatural: Night Terror falls into the tradition of the series nicely, where an urban myth takes a horrific turn. One thing is for sure, you'll never see your dreams the same way again.
—Donna-Lyn Washington, Review Fix (Read the full review.)

[A]fter I got into the groove of the story... I realized the brilliance of the style. Passarella has painted the world of Supernatural so perfectly, so true to the show, that the reader knows he must have spent countless hours studying the visual style and rhythm of the show. But it doesn't stop there. The character of Sam thinks, acts, and communicates exactly as he has for six seasons of the show. And Dean... well, he swears and grumbles exactly like Dean always does.

[T]his is a book that absolutely must be read, and should not be spoiled by anyone. Do you have friends that have read it? Cut off all communications with them until you've read it for yourself.... [T]his is the best TV tie-in book I have ever read. Ever. [A]ccessible to readers who may have never even seen the show.

I'm not just recommending this book to fans of the show, fans of TV, and fans of horror novels — I am recommending this book to anyone who wants a good read."

—Robert L (Seriable blog, SEPT 30, 2011, Full Review)

FIVE STARS! On a personal note, I would like to state that this is some creepy stuff! This novel is a media tie-in to the hit CW series Supernatural. This is an original story and has never been seen on television. If you have not watched the show, I believe that you will still thoroughly enjoy this tale of paranormal horror. For those of you who never miss and episode, Night Terror takes place during Season Six, between "Frontierland" and "Mommy Dearest".

Passarella writes with a type of malignant zealousness that is highly contagious to his readers. My husband said that any time the real world dared to interfere with my reading of this story (and this includes whenever he gently tapped on my shoulder to ask a quick question), I would have an antagonistic glare in my eyes until I could return to whatever lethal creature was causing havoc. Needless-to-say, interruptions were kept to a minimum.

Whether you want an extra Supernatural episode or simply to read a dark story and feel cold fingers run the length of your spine, this novel is perfect.

Huntress Reviews


The Ninth and Best-So-Far Supernatural Tie-In Novel
I quite enjoyed the book. It had the feel of a Supernatural feature film, and Sam and Dean work together as efficiently as in the early parts of the series..... I highly recommend it to any Supernatural fan.

Affairs Magazine (Read full review. Read related interview.)

Supernatural: Night Terror is an exhilarating action-packed horror thriller ...
Harriet Klausner (#1 Amazon Reviewer)

[A]wesome. It had a little something for everyone and I think that both fans and non-fans of Supernatural will really enjoy this book.... a great story, great characters, and just the right amount of mystery that will keep the reader guessing until everything is finally revealed. (Read full review.)