Exit Strategy & Others

Exit Strategy & Others collects all my published (and a few previously unpublished) short stories, some novelette length, including Wendy Ward stories that take her timeline past the events of Wither's Legacy. Currently, it is only available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. However, the Wendy Ward stories are available in other print and ebook anthologies.


Exit Strategy & Others (Fiction Collection)

Exit Strategy & Others

For the first time, get all the Wendy Ward stories (four novelettes & one short story, including "Forces of Nature", "Breathless", "Harbinger", "Blood Alone" and the NEW novelette "Flashpoint" featuring Kayla Zanella.)

PLUS 6 more stories, including "Undead Air", "Twilight Crossing", "Debts Long Due", "All Heaven in a Rage", the rare, dark humor story "Red Friday", and the brand NEW, noir horror "Exit Strategy."

Only $2.99!

This fiction collection is available NOW in the Kindle eBook format. More eBook formats to come.

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After the events in Wither’s Legacy, Wendy Ward must rely on her magic and guile to stay one step ahead of the supernatural creatures intent on her destruction. The young Wiccan’s survival depends on her ability to end Wither’s Curse.

In one shocking moment, Kayla Zanella discovers that Wither’s evil grows inside her. A vampire may hold the key to her salvation, but dare she trust him?

Three assassins storm into a seedy tavern and trigger a series of otherworldly revelations.

In an underground laboratory in Wyoming, a genetic experiment escapes with deadly consequences.

Vengeful ghosts rise from their graves to exact a horrifying brand of justice on the living.

‘Tis the season for a bloodthirsty rampage when holiday shoppers are transformed by a terrorist attack.

Two Philadelphia morning show DJs face a deadly rush hour when a zombie horde crawls out of the Schuylkill River and invades their radio station.

Finally, in the dark city of Nyxon, home to the world’s monsters, a wolfman is framed for the brutal slaying of his human fiancĂ©e. In a race against time, he must unravel the conspiracy and find her murderer before his inner beast rises.

Praise for the Stories in Exit Strategy & Others

"'Blood Alone' Rated: Five Stars! This author is a master when it comes to writing a story soaked in dark nuances. For those who are following the Wendy vs Wither's Curse battles, I suggest you do not miss this episode. I would even say that this one is vital. Outstanding!"
—Huntress Reviews

"'All Heaven in a Rage' by John Passarella... packs science-gone-wrong, interoffice politics, romance, redemption and a wonderful ending into just a few pages."
—Inscriptions Magazine

"[In 'Twilight Crossing'] plots and counterplots of the fae courts are revealed... A nice adventure unfolds from there with surprises all along the way."
—The Fix

"[In 'Undead Air'] guffaw out loud as two radio DJs use their monster-movie know-how against zombies... a tale as perfectly calibrated and deadpan as a textual comic book."
—Tangent Online review

"Stephen King tells us that writing is telepathy, and I was there in... the gonzo zombie attitude of [John] Passarella's 'Undead Air.'"
—Nancy Holder, Co-editor (with Nancy Kilpatrick), OUTSIDERS, and author of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: QUEEN OF THE SLAYERS