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[ScreenPro2007 for users of Word 2007 & Word 2010]

* * * Word 2007 Users: See Special Section on ScreenPro2007 Below! * * *
(Word 2010 Users: No reports of any problems using ScreenPro2007 with Word 2010)

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STARSTARSTARSTARSTAR ScreenPro rated 5 Stars by The Internet FilmMakers FAQ! (see below)

Need help installing and using ScreenPro?
See the 3-Step Quick Start Guide Info Below.

ScreenPro is a shareware (i.e., try before you buy) screenplay formatting template for MS WORD. ScreenPro eliminates the drudgery of complying with the industry-standard movie script format, freeing your creative energy for the story-writing process. The shareware version of ScreenPro is fully functional, but does include reminders asking you to buy the registered version if you appreciate ScreenPro's benefits. Download ScreenPro 2.0a (66k) Now! (Note: the macro "magic" of ScreenPro works in versions of Word after Word97 only if you change the Tools/Macros/Security setting to Medium instead of High.) Word 2007 uses, please see the ScreenPro2007 section below for your shareware download.

As noted above, PLEASE TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Make sure ScreenPro works for you before buying the registered version. I offer this shareware at a very low price and can not afford the overhead of a lot of tech support or issuing refunds. Please help keep ScreenPro affordable for everyone!

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ScreenPro FAQ:

"There are TWO versions of ScreenPro. Which do I need?"
ScreenPro97 works with MS Word 97 through Word 2003. ScreenPro 2007 works only with MS Word 2007. If you have Word 2007, order ScreenPro 2007. If you have an older version of Word, stick with ScreenPro97.

"What about the 'Macros Revealed' stuff? Do I need that?"
Access to the macros (mini programs) that make ScreenPro "go" is for the tinkerers out there who want to look under the hood and possibly change the way the template works. You do not need to see or edit the macros to change the styles that control where each type of paragraph prints on the page, margins, spacing, etc. Style definitions control these. If you are a "tinkerer" I recommend you keep a backup copy of the unaltered template so you can go back to square one if necessary.

"I don't want to use PayPal. Can I still order ScreenPro?"
Yes. Just send a check or money order payable to John Passarella at P.O. Box 381, Swedesboro, NJ 08085. Please note that because of mailing materials (CDs, mailers, labels, inserts, etc.) plus postage, the cost is slightly higher for mailed versions of ScreenPro.

"What about credit cards?"
The low cost of ScreenPro combined with my average monthly sales volume makes it cost ineffective to accept credit cards directly. The monthly fees begin around $50 per month, and that's without a single sale. PayPal only charges me when I have a sale.

"If it's fully functional, why register...?"
The registered version is free of those guilt-tripping reminders. Plus, you get "Script Analysis Tools" to help whip your spec script into studio-bidding-war-frenzy shape!

"I'm convinced... But how much is it gonna cost me?"
If mailed to you, less than ten bucks. ($8.50 US + $3.25 S&H, $11.75 total.) That's it! I created ScreenPro for aspiring screenwriters, not established pros willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a retail script writing package. The email-only ZIPped file version costs a mere $8.50!

"Great! How do I buy the registered version?"
If you don't want to sit around waiting for your check to clear, pay via safe, secure PayPal. Your disk will go out next business/mail day! Or, receive near-instant gratification and save $3.25 S&H in the process by ordering the email-only version (see below).

ScreenPro97: This version is for users of MS Word 97 through Word 2003!
(Note: Word 2007 users, see ScreenPro2007 Section Below.)


ScreenPro on CD ROM, (CD-R)

Registered ScreenPro via USPS Mailed CD - $11.75 US! OR...

Registered ScreenPro w/ View/Edit Access to Macros via Mailed CD - $21.75 US!

E-Mail-Only Delivery!

Get it FASTER with an E-Mailed ZIP file attachment! (No CD Mailed.)
(For E-mail Requests, I will email you a ZIP file, but will not send a CD via USPS mail.)

PLEASE NOTE: E-mail delivery is NOT an automated process. I need to manually verify payment and send you a copy of the template (.DOT file). If I am out or away from my computer, I will send the ZIP file as soon as I return! I appreciate your patience.

Email-Only Registere d ScreenPro for $8.50 (PayPal)

Email-Only Registered ScreenPro w/ Macros Revealed = $18.50 (PayPal)


PLAN B: Register by check or money order (US funds): John Passarella, P.O. Box 381, Swedesboro NJ 08085. Again, just $11.75 US to register, $21.75 if you want Macro Access. (Allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.)


You can always try the competition. Final Draft and Magic Movie Screenwriter sell for $249.99 each, discounted to $189.99 at So $8.50 vs. $189.99. Your choice.

ScreenPro - 3 Step Quick Start Guide Thumbnail ImageNeed help installing and using your registered version
of ScreenPro? Download:
ScreenPro97 - 3-Step Quick Start Guide

Print Quality PDF - 190KB
Web Quality PDF - 129KB

- or -

ScreenPro2007 - 3-Step Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide for ScreenPro 2007 (Word 2007 Users)
(PDF, 420KB)

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Announcing ScreenPro2007For WORD 2007 Users Only!
(Do NOT order this version if you use MS Word 97 through 2003!)

If you use Word 2007, please download the shareware version (try before you buy) of ScreenPro modified to work with Word 2007, ScreenPro2007. Note that the special ScreenPro is not immediately visible because it loads within the Add-Ins tab on the Ribbon Interface. Unfortunately, this is how Word 2007 treats all custom toolbars. (Note: So far ScreenPro2007 appears to work with Word 2010.)

As noted above, PLEASE TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Make sure ScreenPro works for you before buying the registered version. I offer this shareware at a very low price and can not afford the overhead of a lot of tech support or issuing refunds. Please help keep ScreenPro affordable for everyone!

ScreenPro2007 ZIP FILE (Shareware File, i.e., try before you buy version)
PDF Quick Start Guide - 420KB (Please note that the name of the shareware template differs slightly from the registered template described in the Quick Start Guide)

Special note: With the new Word 2007 interface, you'll
find the ScreenPro toolbar on the Add-ins tab of the Ribbon!

Find ScreenPro Toolbar on Add-ins Tab of the Ribbon

ScreenPro2007 PayPal Buying Options
(This Version for Word 2007 Users Only)
Email-Only Registered ScreenPro2007: $8.50
Email-Only Registered ScreenPro2007
w/ Macros Revealed: $18.50

Registered ScreenPro2007 via USPS Mailed CD - $11.75 US
Registered ScreenPro2007 w/ Macros Revealed
via USPS Mailed CD - $21.75 US

Alternately, mail a check or money order payable to John Passarella at
P.O. Box 381, Swedesboro NJ 08085 for the indicated amount.
Please indicate which version you are purchasing.


Kudos For ScreenPro

STARSTARSTARSTARSTAR The Internet FilmMakers FAQ gave ScreenPro97 FIVE STARS, their highest rating! Here's what they had to say: "The winner by far on the screenplay shareware front is Jack Passarella's ScreenPro97. A fully featured template/add-in for Word 97, ScreenPro97 is the tool with which the indie filmmaker can easily bash out the next Reservoir Dogs. And a measely $US 10.00 registration gives you access to ScreenPro's Script Analysis Tools, to help your script achieve tightness not turkeyness."

Important Formatting Information
(and more kudos for ScreenPro) on the Details Page.

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