Home of ScreenPro2007 & ScreenPro97, the Shareware Screenplay Template
for Microsoft Word (6/95/97/2000/2003 and Word2007) for Windows.

ScreenPro2007 is a modified version of designed to work with Word 2007, which changed the toolbar interface to the "ribbon" interface. The ScreenPro toolbar now appears on the Add-Ins tab of the ribbon interface. If you are running Word 2007 using the OLD interface, then ScreenPro97 may work better for you. Try it with the download version. I haven't been tried this hybrid configuration myself.

ScreenPro97 was programmed from the ground up with the version of Visual Basic for Applications that debuted in Word 97 for Windows. As far as I am able to determine, ScreenPro97 is 100% compatible with Word 2000 and Word XP/2002, although I have yet to test the template on Word XP.

What about Word 6/95?
The original ScreenPro was written in WordBasic for Word 6/95. As I no longer run either Word 6 or Word 95, I am unable to support or enhance this version of ScreenPro, but I will leave it here and accept registrations for those with older systems.

What about MAC versions of Word?
The older version of ScreenPro (Word for Windows 6/95 era) worked with the equivalent MAC version of Word, but as Word has changed, the compatiblity has diminsihed. Try the newer versions on a MAC if you want, but be careful. I can't test on MACs, so I don't know where/when the compatiblities will jump up and bite you.

(Instructions vary with each version of Word)

FORMATTING FAQ #1: It has been brought to my attention that many studios and contests require/request DOUBLE SPACING before a slug line (i.e., Scene Heading, "Heading 2" in the ScrnPro templates) instead of TRIPLE SPACING, which is what ScrnPro uses, based upon the book Formatting Your Screenplay by Rick Reichman.

TO CHANGE SCRNPRO to reflect this preference, follow these simple steps. Start WORD, File/Open the ScrnPro template (i.e., screen.dot), select Format/Style, select HEADING 2 from the style list, click MODIFY, click FORMAT, select Paragraph from the list, at Spacing/Before change 24 point to 12 point, click OK, OK, (here you can check the "Add to Template" box just to be doubly sure), click CLOSE. Then File/Close screen.dot and answer YES to the question "Do you want to save the changes you made to Screen.dot?" That's it!

FORMATTING FAQ #2: Now that you've regained all those extra spaces as detailed in FAQ #1, you might want to know that Hollywood's preferred length for a screenplay these days is 105 pages.

Word 2000 Compatibility: Microsoft Word 2000 uses the same file format and the same programming language as Microsoft Word 97. The macros that control ScreenPro may be automatically disabled by Word 2000's security. Under the (full) Tools menu, select Macro, then Security. By default, Word 2000 may select HIGH security. If you change this to MEDIUM, the macros will run but warn you first. If you select LOW (only recommended if you have a virus checker and you keep it updated religiously!) the macros will run without any authorization request.


Mastering Word 2000ScreenPro97 is featured on the bonus CD in Michael Miller's new book, Mastering Word 2000 Premium Edition. There's a nice little write up, complete with a screenshot of the ScreenPro toolbar. However, Miller refers to my old email address! All questions and comments should go to: jpassarella@gmail.com or to John Passarella at P.O. Box 381, Swedesboro, NJ 08085. This book is a whopping 1,169 pages long and covers almost anything you would want to do with Word 2000.


The June 97 issue of PC/COMPUTING featured SCRNPRO as part of their 2nd Annual BEST 1,001 FREE Downloads From The Web! They called it, the "perfect template" for aspiring screenwriters.

disc SCRNPRO featured on CD-ROM in the Word For Windows 95 Bible by Heslop and Angell,IDG Books Worldwide

Early raves about ScreenPro. "I'm thrilled with SCRNPRO!" "Just finished my first script with SCRNPRO... you've done a hell of a job. Thanks." "What other templates do you have in your bag of tricks?" "I purchased SCRNPRO and it was great!"


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