Matthew Passarella / ABTA
2-year Fellowship Established

On June 17, 2005, just four days before Matthew's 2nd brain surgery, we received a letter from the American Brain Tumor Association informing us that a two year pediatric brain tumor fellowship had been established in Matthew's name at Johns Hopkins University. The text of that letter and the accompanying press release is reproduced below. Click on the thumbnail images to the right to see larger scans of the two documents.

[Text of Matthew Passarella/ABTA Fellowship - Letter]

American Brain Tumor Association

June 10, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Passarella

Dear John & Andrea:

The Board of Directors of the American Brain Tumor Association is pleased to dedicate a two year Fellowship in honor of your son, Matthew. The doctor to whom the Fellowship has been awarded is Xing Fan, PhD. This is our way of thanking you for your support and encouragement of our research programs.

The Fellowship has been established at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Any presentations made and papers published during the Fellowship period would carry this fellowship attribution: Matthew Passarella/American Brain Tumor Association Fellowship. The title of the research project is "Inhibition of Pediatric Brain Tumor Growth by Notch Pathway Blockade".

You may want to submit the attached press release to our local newspapers to let your community know about this distinction.

Kind regards,

Naomi Berkowitz
Executive Director



-Text of Matthew Passarella/ABTA Fellowship -
- Press Release -

American Brain Tumor Association

June 2005


Brain tumors do not discriminate, anyone can be affected -
the very young, those in their prime, seniors, male, female - anyone!

American Brain Tumor Association Fellowship

in honor of

Matthew Passarella

In gratitude for support and encouragement of our research programs, the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) has awarded a Research Fellowship to Xing Fan, PhD at Johns Hopkins University in honor of Matthew Passarella.

This coveted, peer-reviewed, two-year award helps to ensure a continuum of dedicate, well-trained, brain tumor researchers. Criteria for award selection include the quality of the applicant, the quality of the training program, and the proposed research.

The Association also provides free patient education and resource information to help brain tumor patients and their families understand this disease and learn about available treatment options.

For information, call 800-886-2282 or visit the ABTA website at





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Matthew Passarella- ABTA
Fellowship Letter

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...and the Fellowship
Press Release

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ABTA Message Line Newsletter,
Summer 2005 Research Edition Announces Fellowship
Two-year ABTA Fellowship named in Matthew's Honor, from Message Line (ABTA) Summer 2005 Research Edition Newsletter
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